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Priors of Ewenny

A list of the known priors of Ewenny

Robert: 1141-44.

John: occurs as prior early in 1145.

? Osbert: 1139x48.
Osbert was prior either of Ewenny or of Cardigan Priory, which was also a dependency of Gloucester.

The sequence of the following three priors is far from clear; their names are thus in italics

Roger: occurs as prior 1148x83.

? Ralph: occurs as prior 1148x83.

Bertram: occurs as prior 1148x83.

Maurice: occurs as prior in the second half of the twelfth century.

‘J’: occurs as prior probably 1194x1203.

David: occurs as prior 1205x24.

John de Gamages: occurs as prior in March 1261.
John was later prior of Hereford, St Guthlac, and was elected abbot of Gloucester in 1284.

Henry Wigmore: occurs as prior in 1284 and was in office when Archbishop Pecham conducted his visitation of the house. Read more

John de Helyon (Heliun): occurs as prior in February and October 1303.

Reginald of Standish: a letter requesting assent to his election is dated September 1333; Reginald may have held office briefly at this time - or not been appointed to office for another letter requesting assent to his election is dated April 1338.

John of Tewkesbury (Teukesbury): succeeded to office in 1339.

John Stowell: occurs as prior in August 1382.

Hugh Morton: occurs as prior in October 1399 and in 1400.
In May 1400 Hugh was granted custody of Llangennith; in October 1406 he was granted keepership of Ewenny and in 1412 appointed abbot of Gloucester.

John Marwent:
In 1413 assent was given for John’s succession to office.
John was a monk of Gloucester and may have presided as abbot there from 1420 to 1437.

Richard Botiller:
In September 1420 Richard was instituted as prior of Ewenny.

Thomas Wotton: 1429 - pre October 1435.
Thomas, a monk of Gloucester, was given possession of the priory in October 1429.

Richard Holcote: October 1435 - pre February 1459.
Richard was in possession of the priory from October 1435.

John Minsterworth: February 1459 - pre February 1464.
John was a monk of Gloucester.

John Stratford: February 1464-?
John was a monk of Gloucester.

Thomas Oldebury: occurs as prior in 1486.
Thomas was a monk of Gloucester.

Edmund Wotton: occurs as prior from 1510 until 1528.

Thomas Bysley (Bisseley): pre 1530-pre March 1536.
Thomas, a monk of Gloucester, was presented to the bishop of Llandaff in 1530 and he acknowledged the Royal Act of Supremacy in September 1534. Thomas occurs as prior in 1535 but by March 1536 he had become prior of St Guthlac, Hereford.

Edmund Wotton: occurs as prior in February, March and June 1537.
On 28 February 1537 Sir Edward Carne leased Ewenny Priory and its possessions from Gloucester Abbey for a period of ninety-nine years for the annual rent of £20 10s. Sir Edward agreed to provide lodging, board and pocket money for the prior, Edmund Wotton, and his two monks. The prior would receive £6 13 4ds and the monks £3 16s 8d each. This arrangement was implemented until the surrender of Gloucester Abbey. Edmund had retired from office by 1541-2 when he is described as late prior of Ewenny.

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Ewenny Priory, Vale of Glamorgan

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